Keynote Speeches

Keynote I

13:40-14:25, Tuesday, March 24
Dr. Maritta Perala-Heape

"The digital health Revolution"

Dr. Maritta Perala-Heape
Director at Centre for Health and Technology (CHT), University of Oulu, Finland.


  Digital health paradigm is dramatically changing how people think, act and access services in their lives. Digital Health helps us to reduce inefficiencies in healthcare delivery, improve access, reduce costs, increase quality, and make medicine more personalized and precise. Digital health is empowering us to better track, manage, and improve our own health and wellness.
  The digital health market place is changing fast. The technologies and applications developed for wellness business will be emerging to health care business. Wearable technology is driving current mHealth market.
  Competitive success factors will be for businesses that understand meaning of consumer involvement, and consumer behavior and needs.
  The essential elements of the digital health revolution include smart use of information and communication technologies and systems and smart and easy usage of personal data. These digital capabilities, now more than ever, need to be focused on changing how we use and interact with technology, to empower people to be equal partners in the design and delivery of their own personalized health & care services.
  Since clinical practice is moving from intuition based decisions to more analytics and data based approaches, future economic growth will include also products and services that citizens are using for monitoring their health and well being. Citizens themselves will be the key persons for designing their own personal health. They will be in the center, and build up their supporting network, which will not be built up only out of professionals but family, friends, social network. That direction in healthcare will have a great impact on the service structures, challenging the power of professionals and emphasizing the need for reliable and evidence-based information.
  The key note will include insights of future development of digital health - the digital health revolution - where citizens could participate in the knowledge gain obtained from health related data for personalized health and prevention. It will address also the business model transformation, in terms of making the economic value of shared data to provide comprehensive continuum of care. An industry that historically operated in distinct silos is now being forced to integrate, and thus leading to firms seeking new types of partnerships and collaborations

Short Bio

  Dr. Maritta Perala-Heape, Director at Centre for Health and Technology (CHT), University of Oulu, Finland. She is coordinating the strategic R&D collaboration between academia, business and public healthcare sector in the Oulu innovation alliance (OIA) concept. Main focus of R&D is personalized health and care, service innovations and business development.
  She is leading a large strategic initiative called "Digital Health Revolution" ( This national multi-disciplinary research project focuses on the scientific, economic, ethical, societal, legal and political aspects of personal health data in order to increase individual's health capability, related business and societal aims.
  The vision of Digital Health Revolution -initiative is that future healthcare will allow citizens to control and make use of his or her personal data from genomics to digital footprint. In addition, the aim is to develop successful personal data movement across services and thus support individual's capability and motivation to promote health.
  She is active in building strategic international networks to enhance RDI activities and business development in personalized healthcare and participating to the development of global Connected Health ecosystems.
  Her expertise areas are in R&D and innovation management , research to business, business development, RDI funding, innovation politics and international network building.
  She has worked for the Finnish funding agency for innovation and technology as a life science expert and also as research program manager- coordinating and preparing large life science and biotechnology research programs. Dr. Perala-Heape has worked also as a director of the Innovation and international business unit. She has worked as a R&D and business development manager in a Finnish-based, American biotechnology company. She holds PhD in clinical biochemistry.

Keynote II

14:25-15:10, Tuesday, March 24
Dr. Toru Watsuji

"The Current State of Digital Healthcare Towards Medical ICT"

Dr. Toru Watsuji
Sharp Corporation, New Business Development Division, Business Development Center, Medical Business Development Department, Japan.


  Infrastructures for the evaluation of the state of health of individuals using a standardized communication network consisting of advanced instruments and subsequent data analysis has been developed. Here we report that this developed infrastructure has been tested in the field in 100 houses and involving almost 300 users. The communication protocol part of this infrastructure has been standardized as IEEE 11073-20601. Continua Health Alliance, an international not-for-profit industry organization which has nearly 230 member companies, has adopted this IEEE 11073-20601 to establish an ecosystem of interoperable personal connected health systems that empower individuals and organizations to better manage their health and wellness. Currently nearly 100 Continua certified products are available in public including smartphone manufactured by Sharp.

Short Bio

  Dr. Toru Watsuji is currently General Manager of Medical Business Development Department at New Business development Division of Sharp Corporation in Japan.
  Dr. Watsuji obtained Ph.D. degree in Science at Imperial College, London, specialized in bioelectronics and biosensors. He worked at University of Cambridge, Imperial College and then joined Sharp Corporation. At Sharp Corporation, Dr. Watsuji carried out research at healthcare and environmental engineering area and developed related products as home appliances. After worked at corporate advanced technology strategic planning group, he is now in charge of business development of digital healthcare systems using digital networking technologies.
  He had lead "home healthcare project", subsidized by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry via New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO), as the chief engineer since 2003.